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Solubility and stability improvement

From liquid pharmaceutical suspensions to OTC supplements, take any formulation to the next level with our complete range of solubilization and stability enhancers.

Native betacyclodextrins

Molecular inclusion complexes using cyclodextrins are the formulation strategy of choice for improving the solubility or stability of active ingredients.

At Roquette, we pioneered the development of betacyclodextrin technology, culminating in the creation of our KLEPTOSE®  native betacyclodextrin range. Offering a wide variety of powder properties, chemical substitutions and solubility profiles, our portfolio has something for every formulation need.

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Octenyl succinate starches

The clear choice for formulating more effective medications. Our CLEARGUM® CO octenyl succinate starches are amphiphilic polymers capable of providing all-round solubility and stability benefits. Decrease surface tension to stabilize emulsions, increase API wettability and solubility as well as dissolution speed, all with one simple ingredient.

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Hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins

Break through your manufacturing limits with our leading hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin (HPβCD) technology. Our specially developed grades KLEPTOSE® HPB, HP and PB-LB help unlock your full formulation power with superior solubility enhancement. 

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    All-round benefits for patients, consumers and brands. Learn more about our film coating technology for hard capsules and tablets, designed for ultimate protection and performance.

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    Direct compression

    Tablet formulation made simple. Discover our solutions for direct compression without compromise. 

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    Get to know KLEPTOSE®, our leading range of taste-masking agents, strategically adapted to address any process or formulation constraint.

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    Liquid solutions

    From syrups and solutions to ampoules and dispersions: Discover our extensive range of plant-based excipients for liquid dosage forms. 

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