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Sauces - Texturizing solutions

Developing countries are moving towards westernized foods and diets. And everyone expects more and more products that are tasty, affordable, from natural sources and of secured quality.

Texture plays a key role in convenience foods such as sauces and dressings, soups, ready meals, and meat. Roquette Food experts deliver affordable, reliable texturizing solutions with both the desired texture and ease of use.

All are part of an exceptionally wide range of quality food starches aimed at meeting every need. That range has now been extended even further by using different plant sources, e.g., maize, wheat, peas, potatoes, and tapioca; each of these produces subtly different starch characteristics, suitable for hot and cold processes.

Discover our range that includes CLEARAM®, PREGEFLO®, CLEARGUM® and TACKIDEX® specialty starches.

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Make it clean!

At Roquette, we define consumer-friendly solutions as “ingredients that consumers recognize and understand” but that are also, for instance, gluten-free, vegetarian-compliant, free from animal-derived ingredients, free from E-numbers, etc.
Roquette’s portfolio of specialty starches enable food processors to meet increasingly demanding consumer challenges with products that deliver all these features as well as high quality, safety and flavor!
Roquette’s latest newcomer: ROQUETTE STARCH FC 10, a new, friendly-label thickener obtained from waxy-maize. It’s a cook-up starch more functional than traditional native starch and the key to a clean-label ketchup and white sauces with a smooth texture, stability and an appetizing glossiness.

Optimize costs and enhance the texture of your processed meat

The main advantage of PEA FIBER I50M in meat and fish products is the way in which it combines three texturizing properties: water retention, gelling and emulsification. For further processed products, this means an improvement in texture with a reduction in cost (through the substitution of expensive ingredients). At the same time, it delivers a clean label in line with current market demand.

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    Thanks to unique combinations of starches and dextrins, Roquette has developed clear-coating solutions to improve the crispiness of food while preserving their nutritional attributes.
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    Flexitarianism is one of the fastest growing consumer categories today. We help you offering solutions for meat substitutes, that are at the same time tasty and nutrionally balanced.
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