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Meat substitutes

Flexitarianism is one of the fastest growing consumer categories today. As a consequence, meat substitute offers are expanding rapidly. Taste and texture are the indisputable attributes with which to convince flexitarians they can find appetizing solutions. This makes it a key to painlessly reducing meat product consumption.
Another key to ensuring nutritional needs are met effectively is variety in the sources of vegetable proteins. 



NUTRALYS® TPP (Textured Pea Proteins) offer new solutions to formulators and marketing managers wishing to offer food products that meet current trends around plant-based foods ; including vegetarianism, a growing meat-reducer population and public awareness of diets offering greater sustainability than those of the excessively meat-eating countries of the West.

Additional consumer expectations are also reached with NUTRALYS® TPP such as naturality, non-GM, gluten-free, sustainable and fully traced origin.
Indeed, NUTRALYS® TPP make it possible to innovate in new concepts: appetizing soya-free and wheat-free options in a world in which most of the existing textured vegetable proteins are based on soy or wheat.

NUTRALYS® TPP ingredients are ready now to serve as the basis of appealing plant-based foods suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans. Used for their rapid and high rehydration, neutral taste and texturizing properties they can emulate the fibrous texture and bite of a variety of meat products.

NUTRALYS® TPP can also extend meat products while providing an economical, functional and protein-rich food ingredient.

NUTRALYS® Textured Pea Proteins’ ability to reduce the number of allergens that have to be listed on packaging is also a major advantage to consumers, derived from the fact that the pea is not a major allergen. In fact, this pulse goes further: it is also GMO- and gluten-free, clean-labelled and obtained from reliable sources that are organic-compatible. 

Depending on what you want to achieve (partial or complete meat substitution in burger patties, sausages, nuggets…), there are suitable grades of NUTRALYS® Textured Pea Proteins:

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