Worldwide demand for fish is increasing. Sustainable aquaculture requires sustainable feed. The production of this feed impacts the environment, for example, through the use of fish meal and fish oil resources. 

Roquette is offering sustainable vegetal proteins which are a real alternative of fish meal:

  • GLUTALYS® Corn gluten meal, obtained by physical separation during the refining of corn starch.
  • VITEN® - Vital wheat gluten in powder and wheat protein in pellet, are highly concentrated proteins derived from wheat flour and obtained by a non-chemical wet extraction.
  • VITEN® CWS Hydrolysed Wheat Protein for juvenile fishes.
  • LYSAMINE® GPS  insoluble pea protein: protein supplement and protein replacement.

Roquette also offers a large range of starch to improve texture of extruded feed:

  • Purified starch and pre-cooked starches from four raw materials (Wheat, Corn, Pea and Potato ).
Other solutions for compound feed
  • coumpond feed and coarse mix

    Compound feed & Coarse mix

    Roquette provides a wide range of quality ingredient solutions to give a good source of energy for cattle, swine, poultry, rabbits and horses.
  • on farm feeding applications

    On farm mixing

    For fattening pigs, we deliver liquid and soluble products rich in starch and protein as cereals substitutes.
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