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Roquette at Health Ingredients Japan 2023

Health Ingredients Japan is a leading trade show in commercialization of healthy food ingredients and food additives for the past 33 years and has consistently brought together a global audience of functional and health ingredients professionals.

Roquette was proud to exhibit at the annual Health Ingredients Japan tradeshow held in Tokyo on October 4 to 6, 2023. Over this three-day event, there were 629 other exhibitors and recorded 36,255 visitors which is 9% increase from last year.

Roquette team was delighted to offer a set of opportuniites to visitors.

Exploration of Roquette range of plant-based ingredients with our experts

Our experts helped visitors to find and select the right cost-in-value, functional and nutritional solution for their food formulation that meets their challenges: from plant-based or organic alternatives, taste and texture, and healthier options, to sugar management and formula optimization.

On-booth food concepts tasting

Our food application experts presented their innovative food concepts and brought the nutritional benefits of our ingredients to life through these prototypes:

  • High fiber and high protein RTD beverage,
  • Olant based protein nutrition bar,
  • Egg white-free sasa kama surimi seafood.

Technical presentation sessions

Roquette experts Ayana SATO san and Sayaka HORI san spoke on:

  • Plant protein range including pea, rice and wheat,
  • Modified food starch as egg white replacement and good cost reduction tool.


We hope you have enjoyed these insightful presentations by our team and we are happy to have met many of our customers at Health Ingredients Japan, see you in 2024!