TABULOSE® SC - Colloidal microcrystalline cellulose

Coprocessed MCC and CMC
An efficient suspending agent.


TABULOSE® SC is an efficient suspending agent that hydrates quickly which makes it an ideal product for reconstituable suspensions and suspensions. The co-processing ensure perfect stability to the 3 dimension gel formed upon hydration of TABULOSE SC in order to stabilize suspensions and emulsions.


TABULOSE® - Coprocessed MCC and CMC

® Registered trademark(s) of Roquette Freres, Blanver Farmoquimica Ltda. or Itacel Farmoquimica Ltda.

  • White
  • Odourless and tasteless


  • Ingredients are compliant with Pharmacopeia.

Regulatory: DMF type IV n° 12299

Registrations may vary depending on local regulations.


Dispersible in water

Grades available

  • TABULOSE SC 580, medium viscosity
  • TABULOSE SC 591, medium viscosity, fast hydration
  • TABULOSE SC 591 F, high viscosity
  • TABULOSE SC 611, low viscosity

Suspending agent, emulsion stabilizer.

Current packaging for this family of products
  • Bags 15 kg
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