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Direct compression: Roquette Pharma cost-effective solutions to optimise your formulations and processes

Thanks to its expertise, Roquette offers you a large range of high-quality excipients, as well as troubleshooting services and ways to reduce time-to-market.

Lab to pilot to industrial scale!

Formulation, we support your developments

The Pharmaceutical Customer Technical Services offer you customised development thanks to:

Well-equipped laboratories and pilot plant, including:

  • Various blenders
  • Single punch lab-scale or industrial rotary tabletting machines
  • Compression simulator
  • IPC testing equipment

Extensive experience and know-how

Multidisciplinary teams of experts that have been supporting customers for more than 40 years.

Scale-up & Transfer Activities: save time and money thanks to the STYLCAM 200 R compression simulator (Medelpharm)

Tests performed with small amounts of materials (less than 1kg):

  • Set of punches directly supplied by customer
  • Cost-effective
  • Short timelines
  • Clean/contained

One machine simulates more than 80% of industrial rotary presses:

  • Determinate critical tabletting settings for a given formula
  • Troubleshooting (capping, sticking, etc.)
  • Predict production scale settings

Tests on industrial machinery

FETTE P1000: common rotary press machine that mimics industrial production conditions
  • 24 stations
  • Tabletting speed up to 65000 tabs/hour
  • Internal software fully updated for high-performance process control management
  • Formulas can be tested for hours (product submitted to heating, centrifugal force, etc)
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