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Glucose is the simplest of simple sugars. It’s converted from dietary carbohydrates and some other food sources during the digestive process. Glucose is then used as the most important source of energy to fuel every cell in our bodies. The body’s regulation of glucose is accomplished by what and how much we eat, output of the hormone insulin, and our physical activity level. Dysfunctional regulation of glucose can result in overweight and obesity.

NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber is a food ingredient that can significantly contribute to sugar reduction, caloric value reduction and overall daily caloric intake management. More importantly, this fiber can be used as an integrated solution for better blood glucose management

NUTRIOSE® has demonstrated distinct advantages when studied in multiple clinical trials:

♦ NUTRIOSE® has a low impact on the glucose and insulin responses, maintaining blood glucose levels in healthy adults.
♦ Foods containing NUTRIOSE® can be proposed as part of a healthy diet for glucose management, offering healthier alternatives to high-glycemic foods.
♦ NUTRIOSE® may contribute to a long-term glucose control by mitigating the glucose rise of other carbohydrates.

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