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NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber

When talking about weight management, we tend to do so in terms of weight loss – a common consumer concern.

To achieve this goal, a number of different steps have to be considered:

Decrease caloric intake – a well-known step.
Manage the feeling of hunger. The more we feel hungry, the more we want to eat.
Achieve satiety. Satiety is the opposite of hunger: the feeling of fullness which arises when eating a meal. The sooner we feel full, the sooner we stop eating and so the fewer calories we consume.

Weight management is all about managing these steps. 

Obesity-related diseases like metabolic syndrome are influenced by personal dietary factors and sedentary lifestyles. Eating food and beverages supplemented with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber may help in a positive impact on overall digestive health. Neutral in taste, soluble and non-viscous, this unique sugar-free fiber offers outstanding digestive tolerance with a positive impact on calorie intake, satiety leading to weight management. NUTRIOSE® is very easy to use and therefore an ingredient that also makes it easy to achieve a daily fiber diet target.

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