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Introduction of the study 

The role of the diet in the prevention of obesity is widely acknowledged. Dietary carbohydrates may impact body fatness and affect the likelihood of passive overconsumption and long-term weight change(1). In this context, fi bre supplements seem to favour adherence to a low energy diet and hence weight loss. Some fi bres may potentially play a role in hunger feeling, caloric intake, satiety and therefore food intake management. NUTRIOSE® has demonstrated strong effects on hunger feeling and weight management at a daily oral intake of 34g/day in a fi rst clinical study. The aim of this second clinical trial was to investigate whether oral dietary supplementation with this resistant dextrin at different dosages was associated with a positive impact on satiety-related and some anthropometric parameters.

Conclusion of the study 

The results of this second study bring additional evidence to the fact that NUTRIOSE® may be a useful tool in the modulation of satiety from 8-14g/day, and in weight management from 14g/day.

Download the poster to find out more about NUTRIOSE® and satiety and weight management.

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