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ROQUETTE has developed solutions contributing to the prevention of major health concerns worldwide. Among these solutions, NUTRIOSE® is a soluble non-viscous fibre produced from wheat or maize starch with a fibre content of 85% (on D.S).

The objectives of the present research were to demonstrate in healthy volunteers that NUTRIOSE® displayed positive effects on blood glucose management, with:

  • A low glycaemic response.
  • A beneficial impact on glucose response when incorporated in a powder mix beverage.
  • A long term attenuation of blood glucose spikes following a carbohydrates challenge.


NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber is a good candidate for sugar reduction and improvement of food products fibre content. And more interestingly, this fibre may be used as an integrated solution for better blood glucose management as NUTRIOSE® helps maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and controls fluctuations in blood glucose after a preload rich in carbohydrates. 

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