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ROQUETTE has developed solutions contributing to the prevention of major health concerns worldwide. Among these solutions, NUTRIOSE® is a soluble non-viscous fiber produced from wheat or maize starch with a fiber content of 85% (on D.S). The objectives of the present research was to demonstrate in healthy volunteers that NUTRIOSE® shows:

  • a modulation of gut microbiota,
  • an attenuation of blood glucose spikes following a carbs challenge,
  • a sustained release of energy through colonic fermentations.


NUTRIOSE® acts as a highly targeting prebiotic. This soluble fiber may be used as an integrated solution to improve blood glucose management as NUTRIOSE® helps maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and controls fluctuations after a carbohydrates challenge. Sustained colonic fermentations from NUTRIOSE® contribute to the daily energy supply for whole-body metabolism, and may be a key factor in providing long-lasting energy.

The potential health benefits of NUTRIOSE® may be attributed to a specific gut ecosystem modulation.

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