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How dietary fiber can influence determinants of metabolic syndrome is controversial. NUTRIOSE® (Roquette, France), a soluble resistant dextrin with prebiotic properties, has been clinically proven (34g/day) to beneficially affect bodyweight(BW), body mass index (BMI), body fat (BF), hunger feeling (HF) and caloric intake (CI)(1) (2). In this context, a secondary objective of the same trial was to investigate whether dietary supplementation with this fiber was associated with a positive impact on parameters such as insulin resistance and determinants of metabolic syndrome (MS) in overweight men, following a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled design.


Twice daily supplementation with NUTRIOSE® over a 12-week period had been demonstrated(1) to significantly decrease BW, BMI, BF, WC and HF, in association with a decreased CI. Moreover, NUTRIOSE® has improved the lipid and glucose metabolisms of slightly overweight Chinese volunteers. The metabolic syndrome status of the volunteers is largely improved with NUTRIOSE®.

Supplementation is well tolerated, lowers insulin resistance, and improves some determinants of metabolic syndrome in overweight men. This makes of NUTRIOSE® a promising tool for diet fortification with fibers, particularly in the context of weight management and chronic metabolic disorders associated with overweight.

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