VITENĀ® CWS - Hydrolyzed wheat gluten

Protein concentrate | Calf milk replacer | Digestibility | Palatability
Protein concentrate wheat gluten is a good milk substitute used in calf feeding. VITEN® wheat gluten is also used for its digestibility and palatability.


A protein concentrate extracted from wheat with a high nutritional value, VITEN® CWS is a soluble wheat gluten that is regarded as the ideal substitute for dairy proteins in milk replacer for young animals.

It offers multiple benefits:

  • High protein concentration.
  • Excellent digestibility and palatability.
  • Absence of anti-nutritional factors.
  • Low complex polysaccharide content.
  • Good dispersion characteristics in water.

VITEN® CWS is a safe consistent product derived from a secure process that is totally free of contaminants.

Product description


Protein concentrate extracted from wheat by wet milling solubilized by an enzymatic process and spray-dried.


Cream-coloured powder with a neutral odour, easily dispersible in water.

Typical average values* (of product as is):

  • Moisture: 6%
  • Total protein: 80%
  • Ash: 1%
  • Total fat: 7%
  • Cellulose: < 1%
  • Starch: 10%
  • Solubility in water: 70%
  • Particle size:
    Part. > 500 µm: 2%
    Part. > 100 µm: 90%

* These values are provided for informational purposes only and cannot be considered as contractual.


Milk Replacer

VITEN® CWS offers all the benefits of a raw material for milk replacer:

  • Protein digestibility is 95% and therefore approximates that of milk protein.
  • Valued protein source as it is free of complex polysaccharides and anti-nutritional factors.
  • A major advantage of VITEN® CWS is its exceptional organoleptic qualities thanks to its neutral taste and odour. The product is thus well accepted by the calf even at high inclusion rates.
  • VITEN® CWS has a low ash content with an average iron content of 40 mg/kg which allows for use in milk replacers destined for veal calves production.
  • The product is easily dispersible resulting in good mixing characteristics.

VITEN® CWS can be incorporated in milk replacers at rates of 6 to 12%.


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