Dextrose monohydrate

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Dextrose is a form of glucose used in veterinary medicine. This nutrient is recommanded in animal feed and in manufacture of milk replacer.


Dextrose is the crystallized form of glucose. A basic energy nutrient for most animal species it is fully assimilated by the body.

Dextrose is especially recommended in feed for young animals:

  • during periods when they may be under stress.
  • or in the manufacture of milk replacers.

It has a sweet flavour (approximately 0.75 times greater than that of sucrose) and therefore improves the palatability of finished products.

It is widely used in the manufacture of pet food for developing aromatic substances via the Maillard reaction.

From a technological point of view dextrose can be used as a soluble carrier for the preparation of nutritional specialities to be diluted in drinking water.

Several dextrose qualities are available monohydrate, anhydrous and injectable grade (pyrogen free) the latter being mainly used in the veterinary medicines.

Product description


Dextrose monohydrate is composed of purified and crystallized D-Glucose combined with water of crystallization.

Dextrose is available as a white crystalline powder with a neutral odour and a sweet taste.


To satisfy the varying application requirements ROQUETTE offers various particle sizes:

  • dextrose 120 µm on average - DEXTROSE MONOHYDRATE F
  • dextrose 160 µm on average – DEXTROSE MONOHYDRATE M
  • dextrose 350 µm on average – DEXTROSE MONOHYDRATE G

Typical analytical values

  • Moisture: 8,5%
  • D-Glucose Purity (on dry): 99.5%
  • pH in solution: 5


Piglet feed

Dextrose is incorporated in pre-starter and starter feed as an energy supply of choice as it stimulates feed consumption and improves the vitality of piglets:

  • It is an easily assimilated energy source because unlike sucrose it does not require digestive enzymes.
  • It has a sweetening power that increases the palatability of the feed.
  • Studies carried out by Roquette demonstrated that the combination of dextrose and lactose is more effective than lactose alone especially in very young piglets.
  • It is included at a concentration of 3 to 20 % in the finished feed.

Calf milk replacers

Dextrose is appreciated for the manufacture of calf milk replacers. Fully soluble, it constitutes a energy source immediately available for the animal. It is also a potential substitute of dairy ingredients such as whey and lactose.

In the veal calf field, dextrose is especially recommended for the last meal before transport to the slaughterhouse. It prevents hypoglycaemia situations and allows improved meat quality and better classification of carcasses.

The quantity distributed is of the order of 0.5 to 1 kg per calf diluted in water.

Pet food

Dextrose is a very important ingredient in pet food based on the palatability benefits.

Dextrose is a reducing sugar which can react with proteins and amino acids and develop specific aromatic compounds that improve the palatability of the finished product,

Nutritional and veterinary specialties

Dextrose is soluble in water and very rapidly dispersible. Therefore it is a carrier of choice for soluble premixes.


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