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Roquette at FIE 2019

Plant-based solutions for consumers’ daily life at FI Europe 2019

At FI Europe 2019 in Paris, visitors learned how our plant-based ingredient solutions are part of their daily life and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, whatever their need!

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Roquette invited visitors to try a menu of new tasty and nutritious food concepts, created by the company’s food application experts, to see first-hand how they address consumer needs and trends:

  • Meat alternatives and friendly labeling: a delicious plant-based burger topped with a tasty tomato ketchup; truly inspired by plants with NUTRALYS® textured plant protein and Roquette FC 20 functional starch
  • Sugar reduction and fiber enrichment: a luxurious pound cake with full pleasure and reduced in sugars with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber.
  • Dairy alternatives and protein enrichment: a lusciously indulgent and creamy dairy-free ice-cream with NUTRALYS® Pea Protein.

The Roquette team brought the technical and nutritional benefits of our ingredients to vibrant life.

This Food Ingredients Europe 2019 was also the opportunity for Roquette to announce the expansion of its range of premium plant-based proteins for the meat alternative sector. The Group launched two new plant-based textured proteins to better address the growing consumers’ demand for sensory, diversity and sustainable nutritional improvement.

To an existing range of two textured pea proteins, Roquette adds now two plant-based textured proteins, one from peas and one from fava beans: see the press release here.

Every day, our teams work with our customers to create tasty and nutritious food, the food that you love!