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The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has imposed hefty preliminary duties on certain Chinese pea protein imports. Duties on dumped imports of high protein content (HPC ≥ 65% Dry basis) pea protein range between 127% and 286%. These subsidy rates are cumulative to existing customs duties and will be paid by importers, significantly impacting food manufacturers currently using pea protein from Chinese origin.

In this context, Roquette is strongly committed to supporting customers and consumers during this challenging time, as the demand for cost-effective, healthy ingredients with less environmental impact continues to grow.

Roquette offers much more than pea protein

For food manufacturers, choosing Roquette's pea protein from yellow peas brings many advantages. Our pea protein ingredients can offer both functional and sustainable benefits, meeting the nutritional requirements of consumers and serving as an essential plant-based raw material in the transition towards healthier and more sustainable food options.

Choosing a trustworthy regional protein supplier is crucial for the satisfaction of consumers.

Roquette offers much more than pea protein. We valorize 100% of the pea grain to ensure a sustainable, robust pea business line for the future. Our key priorities include compliance with stringent regulations and promotion of the best agricultural practices to reduce environmental impact.

Roquette ensures traceability from the farm to the plant

Our unique local supply chain starts from the farm to ensure a sustainable, high-quality source of protein in Canada, with carefully processed peas at our state-of-the-art pea protein plant in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Roquette in Canada contracts yellow peas from around 200 farms in Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. We work with farmers on production contracts as well as using the more traditional volume-based contracts, allowing different levels of interactions with farmers especially for organic.

In collaboration with our pea farmers, Roquette supports innovative agronomic practices, based on varietal selection, sustainable farming practices, and controlled management of plant protection products, all in compliance with the various regulations, and with the aim of reducing their environmental impact. We also have dedicated logistics, ensuring traceability from the farm to the plant.

Discover our Portage pea protein plant in Canada:


Roquette: World's Largest Pea Protein Plant

The Portage pea protein plant is 20,000 m2 (built on 27 ha) and was meticulously designed and built for sustainability, both now and in the future. It is powered by clean, hydroelectric power from Manitoba Hydro, ensuring that our operations have minimal environmental impact.

We are also committed to conserving water. Thirty percent of the water used during production is recycled. Additionally, we monitor and optimize our utility usage 24/7, and we use dry cooling technology to minimize our energy consumption.

The plant recycles steam and reuses it during production, further reducing our environmental impact. We are constantly exploring more energy-saving opportunities and increased electrification with the support of Efficiency Manitoba to ensure that our plant remains at the forefront of sustainability.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant boasts around 130 employees, including a diverse and skilled workforce with more than 22 nationalities. (Roquette was recently named one of Manitoba’s Top Employers for the fifth year in a row.) We prioritize continuous learning with a focus on food safety culture, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality.

Choose Roquette as a NORAM partner

Located close to producers growing yellow peas, we have excellent transportation connectivity to our North American customers, allowing us to provide high-quality, locally sourced protein ingredients with ease.

The Portage pea protein plant can process 125,000 tons of yellow peas every year at full production capacity and is the largest pea protein plant in the world.

With high cost increases of pea protein imported from China looming, now is the time to take action and secure your protein supply chain with a local partner dedicated to your success.

Trust in Roquette for quality, sustainability, and reliability, and choose a local and integrated supplier that brings value and differentiation to your business.

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