Roquette solutions for oral dosage forms

If you’re looking for expert solutions that are easily adapted to most manufacturing technologies, partner with Roquette.

Roquette can meet your needs for a wide range of dosage forms:

  • Solid oral dosage forms, as tablets, capsules, sachets, powders, granules, orally dispersible films, etc.
  • Liquid oral dosage forms and semi solids, as syrups, solutions, ampoules, dispersions, semi-solids, softgels, etc.

We also understand what your formulators want for any patient population, including pediatrics and geriatrics and can respond with world-class excipients.

A solution for any oral dosage form

Whatever the functionality or dosage form you are looking for, you will find a solution:
  • Solutions for solubility improvement (native and hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins as well as modified starches).
  • Natural excipients ensuring better stability (microcrystalline cellulose, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol).
  • A large range of excipients designed to increase the robustness and performance of the formulation (polyols and cellulose for Direct Compression, compounds associating binding and disintegrating properties).
  • Disintegrants able to withstand high shear granulation (sodium starch glycolate, croscarmellose sodium).

Oral dosage form is also a matter of process

These solutions are coupled with robust process management and quality systems, allowing for excellent reproducibility and reliability of our solutions.

Our solutions

  • pharma oral dosage form tablet

    Fillers, Diluents and Binders

    Discover the variety of fillers, diluents and binders Roquette offers for the formulation of your solid dosage forms.
  • pharma orodispersible form

    Disintegrants and Superdisintegrants

    Roquette's wide range of disintegration excipients facilitate the dissolution or release of the active ingredients of your capsules or tablets.
  • pharma tablet film coating woman


    Use a film coating to mask unpleasant odours and tastes, and protect drugs from environmental factors. A benefit for both patient and laboratory.
  • pharma-oral-dosage-forms-syrup-little-boy

    Liquid solutions

    Roquette offers a large range of plant-based excipients for the formulation of liquid forms: syrups, solutions, ampoules, dispersions, etc.
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More details on our selected solutions

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