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Roquette APIs and excipients for injectables and dialysis solutions

Pharmaceutical companies involved in the manufacturing of parenteral preparations are looking for reliable suppliers who have a range of the highest purity excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

With a long history of expertise,

reliable processes and quality assurance, regulatory support, Customer Technical services, and a vertically-integrated pyrogen-free range of excipients and APIs, we support your needs for quality, regulatory, supply chain transparency and traceability.

Pyrogen free nutrients and osmotic agents

Injectables and dialysis solutions are critical preparations requiring high purity and reliable raw materials. Roquette is a leading worldwide supplier of pyrogen-free nutrients and osmotic agents. Roquette pyrogen-free raw materials comply with the world’s most stringent pharmacopoeia specifications. Comprehensive analysis of purity and filterability is performed to ensure that high quality standards required for dialysis and infusion therapies are met.

In Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) 

  • LYCADEX® PF pyrogen free monohydrate dextrose
  • PEARLITOL® PF pyrogen free mannitol
  • NEOSORB® PF pyrogen free sorbitol

In Dialysis

  • LYCADEX® PF pyrogen free monohydrate dextrose

Pyrogen free organic salts

Roquette has further expanded its range of pyrogen free ingredients with the development of highly purified organic salts. These are used as physiological buffers in the preparation of injectable solutions.

Our Sodium Gluconate Pharma is a highly purified grade for pharmaceutical applications:
  • As a physiological compatible electrolyte for pharmaceutical injectable preparations
  • As a physiological compatible pH regulation agent

High quality pyrogen free excipients for Rx injectables

Roquette offers a reliable pyrogen-free range for life-saving injectables.

These high quality excipients are conforming to GMP:

  • Sodium Gluconate Pharma
  • KLEPTOSE® HPB , HP and HPB-LB parenteral grades modified cyclodextrins
  • LYCADEX® PF pyrogen free monohydrate dextrose
  • PEARLITOL® PF pyrogen free mannitol
  • NEOSORB® PF pyrogen free sorbitol

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