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Online webinar

3:00PM to 4:00PM
Online webinar - April 30, 2024 – 3pm CEST

Join Ketaki Patwardhan, Global Technical Developer and Talles Ernica, Global Technical Developer to learn more about controlled release formulations.

During this webinar we will cover the key topics related to controlled release formulations in drug delivery and different manufacturing processes.

We will address:

  • The different types of controlled release formulations
  • How the formulations are currently manufactured
  • The benefits of controlled-release formulations
  • Case studies and prototypes of standard vs specialized solutions


About the Speakers

Ketaki PatwardhanKetaki Patwardhan, Global Technical Developer, Roquette Pharma Innovation

  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Roquette, from the University of Mississippi
  • Over 10 years in formulation development specializing in tablet compression, granulation, modified drug release, taste masking, film coating and solubility enhancement

Ernica TallesTalles Ernica, Global Technical Developer, Roquette Pharma Innovation

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy and Biochemistry specializing in the pharmaceutical industry (Oswaldo Cruz College – Brazil) – Pharm. D
  • Master in processes and product development, pharma focused (Maua Institute of Technology – Brazil) – M.S.
  • Over 20 years of experience:
    - Pharma R&D, as oral dosage forms, topics, injectables, ANDA and NDA products.
    - Process and production, such as troubleshooting, scale-up/down, improvement, and equipment implementation.
    - Technical customer support as an excipient and ingredient supplier
    - Roquette team member, Global Technical Developer since 2012