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Sustained energy release: the body’s daily energy supply!


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Monograph: NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber | Sustained energy release
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1 | Slow energy release – a great way to meet today’s lifestyle challenges

The increasing demands of modern everyday life mean consumers have to look to food and beverages to provide them with the sustained energy needed to get through the day – energy drinks can be no more than a stopgap.

In 2018, 7% of products containing soluble fibers included an energy/alertness claim. This percentage could rise in future as consumers increasingly seek ways to combat fatigue.

Source: Innova Markets Insights, 2018 


2 | NUTRIOSE®, the outstanding soluble fiber of natural origin

Developed by Roquette, NUTRIOSE® comprises a range of water-soluble dietary fibers.

  • Easy to use, whether to supplement nutrition in existing formulation or to replace sugars.
  • Developed from non-GMO raw materials: wheat, corn or the pea.
  • A white powder with neutral taste, it does not alter original flavors.
  • Its fiber content is high and reliable, and low in sugar or sugar-free.
  • One of the best-tolerated fibers on the market (up to 45g per day).
  • Friendly-labelling, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified.

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3 | NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber contributes to the daily energy requirements of whole body metabolism

Colonic fermentations from NUTRIOSE® can help to meet the daily energy requirements of whole-body metabolism, and may be a key factor in providing sustained energy

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NUTRIOSE® helps manage energy: the body’s daily energy supply!


Try our NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber
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