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NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber

Digestive health balance: a diversified gut is a healthy gut!


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Monograph: NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber | Digestive health
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1 | Digestive health on top of the overall health importance

Intensive scientific research into the microbiome is revealing that the composition of our gut flora is central to our health and general well-being.

This is reflected in a digestive health market experiencing a new product development boom: fibers and prebiotics have seen a CAGR of 14% between 2012-2017, while probiotics have increased by 20%. Probiotics and prebiotics dominate as producers intensify exploration of their potential.

Source: Innova Market Insights, May 2019 

2 | NUTRIOSE®, the outstanding soluble fiber of natural origin

Developed by Roquette, NUTRIOSE® comprises a range of water-soluble dietary fibers.

  • Easy to use, whether to supplement nutrition in existing formulation or to replace sugars.
  • Developed from non-GMO raw materials: wheat, corn or the pea.
  • A white powder with neutral taste, it does not alter original flavors.
  • Its fiber content is high and reliable, and low in sugar or sugar-free.
  • One of the best-tolerated fibers on the market (up to 45g per day).
  • Friendly-labelling, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified.

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3 | NUTRIOSE® promotes gut microflora differently to the other fibers

NUTRIOSE® promotes a specific microbiota

  •  Supports the growth of Bacteroides & Parabacteroides species (of proven benefit to the gut environment).

NUTRIOSE® in action

  • Bacteria use their enzymes to « digest » fibres.
  • Specific enzymes digest different fibres.
  • NUTRIOSE® has a characteristic structure and is digested by specific enzymes: glucosidases from Bacteroides and Parabacteroides.

Ideas about gut health have evolved

  • From good bacteria vs. "bad" to diversified ones.
  • The gut is critical to several health outcomes..

A diversified gut is a healthy gut: NUTRIOSE® selectively modulates the gut microbiota composition for optimum digestive health balance!


Try our NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber
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