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NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber

Blood glucose management: less fluctuation for more action!


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Monograph: NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber | Blood glucose management
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1 | Managing blood glucose fluctuations

Glycemia refers to the blood’s glucose level. Its regulation by the body is complex: too much or too little glucose may lead to health problems. 

The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking criterion for foods containing carbohydrates and indicates their effects on blood glucose for two hours after ingestion. GI relates to a reference food (pure glucose or white bread) assigned the standard index of 100. The glycemic impact of a given food is indicated by the amount it varies from that standard: hypoglycemia is lower while hyperglycemia is higher.

Glycemia is closely related to the amount and type of carbohydrates consumed. Soluble fibers have a low glycaemic index, helping to deliver long-term health benefits. Unsurpisingly, consumer interest in fiber is increasing: two out of five in the US say that they have lifted their consumption.


2 | NUTRIOSE®, the outstanding soluble fiber of natural origin

Developed by Roquette, NUTRIOSE® comprises a range of water-soluble dietary fibers.

  • Easy to use, whether to supplement nutrition in existing formulation or to replace sugars.
  • Developed from non-GMO raw materials: wheat, corn or the pea.
  • A white powder with neutral taste, it does not alter original flavors.
  • Its fiber content is high and reliable, and low in sugar or sugar-free.
  • One of the best-tolerated fibers on the market (up to 45g per day).
  • Friendly-labelling, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified.

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3 | NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber helps maintain blood glucose levels with fewer fluctuations

NUTRIOSE® helps to maintain healthy blood glucose levels:

  • Low glycemic response (25) in healthy volunteers
  • Validated health claim in the EU (EFSA)
  • Limits hyperglycemic peak following ingestion:
    - Lower hyperglycemic peak = less insulin secretion
    - Less pressure on the glucose regulation system = less metabolism fatigue
  • Limits hypoglycemic off-peak following digestion:
    - Hypoglycemia induces fatigue and loss of focus.

More than that, NUTRIOSE® helps limit the blood sugar impact of the rest of the meal:

  • Controls sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels caused by other carbs.

NUTRIOSE®: Less fluctuation, more action!

  • Less blood glucose level fluctuation means less metabolism fatigue.
  • Less hypoglycaemic off-peak means less energy loss.
  • Reduces the blood glucose impact of carbohydrate intake. 


NUTRIOSE® helps manage blood glucose: the body’s daily energy supply!


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