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Cooking with NUTRALYS® plant proteins

Roquette to play a key role in the development of a new plant-based gastronomy

The company updates the NUTRALYS® brand to reflect its renewed mission of playing a key role in the development of a new plant-based gastronomy.

La Madeleine (France), May 7th, 2020 – Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of plant proteins, announced today the development of a new brand identity for its range of NUTRALYS® plant proteins, a sustainable source of innovative plant proteins of the highest quality.

NUTRALYS® Plant Proteins

This new identity reflects the renewed mission of NUTRALYS®. This mission aims at playing a key role in the development of a new plant-based gastronomy that consumers seek to explore and that responds to the booming global demand for better food for people and the planet.

The NUTRALYS® range of plant proteins now expands beyond pea and into other sources such as fava bean and wheat. With a diversity of plant proteins from different botanical origins, Roquette leads the way in an area of expertise that is essential to meet the growing demand of today's consumers for sensory diversity and sustainable nutritional improvement.

To reinforce the new brand identity, Roquette launches a new website: NUTRALYS® Plant Protein by Roquette, and a LinkedIn page where customers and consumers will be able to find latest news, product information, insights from Roquette experts and much more.

Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Vice President of Pea and New Proteins Business Line at Roquette, says: “Customers are looking for personalized content and solutions, and that is exactly what we want to provide. Building on the strength of the NUTRALYS® brand, we want food producers to consider this NUTRALYS® site as a new source of inspiration to help them develop a new plant-based cuisine and gastronomy. Our new LinkedIn page will provide regular updates on our latest innovations in the field of plant proteins and much more! With these new information and exchange platforms, we will improve customer experience by means of a stronger online link with food producers and with end-consumers too.” 

Roquette has more than 40 years of experience in plant protein research and production and has always been a pioneer in the sector of plant-based specialty proteins for food, nutrition and health markets. In just 10 years, Roquette has developed the widest range of pea-based proteins, including textured ones, available in today’s market. Roquette is uniquely positioned to respond to the current food revolution through its strong customer service, ambitious investments* and drive for innovation. 

(*) With a total investment of over half a billion euros, Roquette is investing more than any other company in this sector to meet the increasing global demand for high-quality pea protein. The company’s five-year investment program is designed to ensure that the supply of plant protein is secure, safe and sustainable.

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