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Roquette Beauté Expert Days

Access Replay of 3 live conferences

Do you believe that innovation drives the future of cosmetics?
Are you looking for inspiring ideas and concepts to guide your upcoming projects?

The Roquette Beauté Expert Days online event have been imaged for you!

On October 19, 20 and 21, 2021, Roquette Beauté organized a unique online event, a whole new way of sharing expertise and inspiration around the great challenges we are facing together!

“Bio-innovation: Rethink Nature!” is a series of interactive live conference roundtables during which we explored trending concepts with experts, independent trend analysts, research scientists as well as Cosmetic Brands. 

Access the replays of 3 inspiring conferences to rethink the challenges of bio-sourced cosmetics, navigating between prospective and technological innovation.

Replay - Day 1     (R)evolution of natural ingredients? 

Shifting to 100% natural or bio-sourced ingredients is more than a simple switch of raw materials. Such an evolution brings us to fundamentally rethink how we innovate, our manufacturing conditions and the very nature of ingredients we formulate with. It therefore calls for new expertise and new stories. Introduction to a small (R)evolution. 

  • The new challenges of innovation by Jean Claude Le Joliff, President of the Cosmetothèque 
  • The new nature of functional ingredients by Thierry Marcel, Research Director at Roquette 

Replay - Day 2     Is nature really a sustainable concept?

Nature is arguably one of the most common words shared by cosmetic brands today. But are we always sure of what we are actually talking about? What if – for brands and innovation itself - the most urgent need was to precisely rethink the very relation to nature?  

  • For a new ethic of sustainable development by Pascale Brousse, Founder of Trend-Sourcing  
  • From active naturality to a holistic Man-Nature relationship by Philippe Msika, Innovation and Development Director at Yves Rocher 

Replay - Day 3     Bio-innovation: towards a systemic approach of naturality

What if tomorrow's innovations were fundamentally inspired by the Living? Circular economy, regenerative agriculture, industrial symbiosis, collective intelligence ... The understanding of the interactions between design and action, upstream and downstream, or production system and ecosystems, now leads us to think about innovation in a resolutely systemic and lively way. Welcome to the new era of bio-innovation! 
  • Introduction to Earth Science by Sébastien Dutreuil, Research Scientist at the French CNRS 
  • Developing meaningful agricultural practices by Cécile ADDA, CSR Manager for the grain sector at French Interprofession Intercéréales 
  • Biorefinement: a new ecosystem of production and innovation by Mariane Flamary, General Delegate at French Usipa