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Weight management

When we talk about weight management, we tend to do so in terms of weight loss – a common consumer concern. 

To achieve this goal, a number of different steps have to be considered:

  • Decrease caloric intake - a well-known step.
  • Manage the feeling of hunger. The more we feel hungry the more we want to eat.
  • Achieve satiety. Satiety is the opposite of hunger: the feeling of fullness which arises when eating a meal. The sooner we feel full, the sooner we stop eating and so the fewer calories we consume.

It’s the management of these steps that the management of weight is all about. Proteins alone or in combination with fibres are one of the top ingredients used in the weight management sector. Roquette’s NUTRALYS® pea protein and NUTRIOSE® soluble fibre exhibit some very interesting features in this connection.

NUTRIOSE®, the soluble fiber for fibre enrichment

Obesity-related diseases like metabolic syndrome are influenced by positive dietary factors, including supplementation with fibre. But successfully reaching recommended fibre levels is a difficult challenge.

Being neutral in taste, soluble and non-viscous, this unique sugar-free fibre also offers outstanding digestive tolerance. In addition, NUTRIOSE® is very easy to use and therefore an ingredient that  also makes it easy to achieve a daily fibre diet target.

NUTRALYS® pea protein for balanced protein

Protein is known to be more satietogenic at isocaloric value than carbohydrates or fats. Legumes are a particularly good source of protein.  For more than 40 years, Roquette has been releasing the power of plant proteins.

In today’s weight management context, the goal is to offer clean and nutritious plant proteins that reduce craving and increase pleasure.

Roquette has developed a highly purified, water-based processed pea protein isolate that fully meets this need: NUTRALYS® pea protein is rich in BCAA & arginine, which are ideal for balancing cereal proteins. It offers high digestibility, and an intermediate-fast digestion profile. It is lactose- and gluten-free, with very low isoflavone and anti-nutritional factors.

NUTRALYS® is the first pea protein on the market tested in clinical trials. The latter has demonstrated the positive effects of NUTRALYS® pea protein on muscle mass development, but also on satiety & caloric intake. NUTRALYS® comes in a wide range to maximize pleasure in various applications (RTD, bars, etc.): 

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