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Harvesting yellow peas

Roquette is the leading and largest manufacturer of pea protein and pea starch ingredients globally and especially in North America. Our state-of-the-art facility in Portage la Prairie (MB), Canada, was built to ensure compliance with organic regulatory rules in Canada, the United States, Mexico and beyond. We are committed to aligning our offer with current and forthcoming regulations, quality standards and consumer expectations. We work from local pea crop supply to final premium ingredients, offering the best quality and product consistency in North America.

Roquette sources organic peas from the Canadian Prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta) and offers full production contracts to growers. We collaborate at the farm level to create a reliable and sustainable pea chain with certified raw materials and a specific farming protocol.

In the past, Roquette has worked with the western Provincial Organic Grower Associations to develop Best Management Practices for organic yellow pea production, including the evaluation of different organic pea intercrops. We continue to support the Canadian organic industry by contracting organic peas.

Quality and compliance are at the core of ’our values and ongoing commitment since the launch of our organic pea ingredient range in March 2023. We offer an extensive range of plant-based ingredients available in both conventional and organic versions. Our teams ensure a reliable and sustainable source of protein, developing upstream a pea agricultural chain of excellence through a specific growing protocol that includes best agricultural practices, quality insurance procedures (especially pesticides and allergen control) and a full traceability system from fields to the plant.

With the National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) undergoing changes, Roquette is ready to ensure continued organic compliance for our operations and customers. The “Strengthening Organic Enforcement” (SOE) Final Rule was published in January 2023, requiring all companies exporting organic goods into the USA to request an NOP Import Certificate from their accredited certification agency.

The implementation of SOE will reduce the number of uncertified players in the distribution chain, strengthen recordkeeping and supply chain traceability, and provide more oversight of certification agencies.

Roquette in Canada (Roquette Canada Ltd.) complies with these regulations to maintain organic integrity throughout the supply chain.

Roquette's commitment to sustainability, compliance and high-quality innovative ingredients sets us apart as the leader in the pea protein/pea starch industry to help feed the world. We look forward to continuing to supply the best USDA-compliant organic pea protein isolates and starches to our current and new customers to help them meet their product development and growth plans.

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