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Engaging for sustainable development

As a global leader in plant-based ingredients, we embed the key aspects of sustainability in all of Roquette’s activities across the globe, based on 4 pillars: Innovating, Sourcing, Biorefing, Acting.

In fulfilling our mission, we remain deeply committed to:

  • encouraging local supply,
  • optimizing transportation,
  • strengthening relationships with suppliers,
  • promoting the best agricultural practices,
  • and respecting the highest social, environmental and ethical regulations and standards.

We work closely with our suppliers to implement our ethical policies and practices. And we continually evolve our approach to meet changing legislation in all our markets.

Roquette obtained a gold Ecovadis CSR rating in 2019

Roquette Gold Ecovadis rating 2019

About our practices

To ensure long-term sustainable crop supply, Roquette is committed to source raw material certified sustainable from its breeders and farmers. We are part of the SAI Platform (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) to reinforce our sustainability commitment and share best in class practices. 

In 2020, 37.4% of our raw material supplies across the world are recognized as being sustainable. .


 We also work on reducing our carbon impact by sourcing multimodal actors for our freight operations, rethinking our packaging materials and working on our energetic transition. 

More about our engagement to sustainability

At Roquette, we unlock the potential of nature while taking care of resources, territories and communities. We constantly innovate to help feed 9 billion people with healthy, nutritious and sustainable products. You can learn more by visiting our pages dedicated to sustainability.


Building strong and long-term Partnerships with our Suppliers