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Become a Roquette supplier

Our purchasing policy is based on four main requirements: Ethics, Compliance, Sustainability & Quality. Roquette Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Quality Agreement define those requirements and principles.

By committing to these principles, Roquette and its suppliers will ensure they share the same ethical values, professionalism and quality standards, which are the basis for a long-term relationship and sustainable growth.

Ethics, Compliance & Sustainability

Our suppliers have a pivotal role to play in helping us implementing ever more responsible sourcing practices.

For this reason, Roquette invites all suppliers to join us in promoting and further entrenching the principles of:

  • The United Nations Global Compact.
  • The conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).
  • The principles laid down by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

In addition, we require from our partners to comply with Roquette Supplier Code of Conduct, to ensure they apply the same standards of Ethics and Behaviour that we apply to ourselves.


Our suppliers – including agricultural suppliers- must follow high quality and product safety standards. Products, ingredients and services delivered shall meet defined specifications and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Therefore, we require from our suppliers to comply with Roquette Supplier Quality Agreement, which defines the generics quality requirement applicable to suppliers involved in our manufacturing or supply chain processes for Nutrition, Petfood and Pharmaceutical applications.

According the typology of delivered products or services, suppliers may also be requested to respond to our RFQI (Request For Quality Information) and subject to audits conducted either by Roquette or a third party.