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At Roquette, we unlock the potential of nature while taking care of resources, territories and communities. We constantly innovate to help feed 9 billion people with healthy, nutritious and sustainable products. We favor diversity as a source of innovation, advancement and performance.

Our belief is that nature has the answer to provide people with the food, nutrition and health they need according to their lifestyle choices, their age, where they live and what they do.
In collaboration with our partners, we definitively want to address current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of nature to offer the best ingredients.

We are a family-owned company guided by a strong sense of purpose. We are authentic people, we stay true to our commitments and we act with transparency. This is how we build trust, the most essential ingredient in everything we do. 

Our Sustainable Development approach
  • Innovating sustainably

    Innovating sustainably

    Understand customers’ needs and anticipate consumers’ expectations

    Develop a sustainable development journey inspired by our customers’ expectations

    Strengthen sustainability in our innovation processes
  • Sourcing sustainably

    Sourcing sustainably

    Source sustainably

    Improve continuously our raw materials’ quality

    Strengthen relationship with our raw materials suppliers
  • Biorefining sustainably

    Biorefining sustainably

    Optimize our energy consumption

    Preserve water

    Further reduce other environmental impacts
  • Acting sustainably

    Acting sustainably

    Put Health, Safety and Well-being at the heart of our concerns

    Empower employees

    Build on our diversity

    Develop our activities with the local communities
Activity and Sustainable Development Report

We are pleased to share with you our 2019 Activity and Sustainable Development Report, a compilation of the most relevant initiatives carried out by the women and men who are writing the story of Roquette.

This report highlights the Sustainable Development commitments of the group through human stories. Embodied by our employees and true to our values, authenticity in particular, this report offers a great reading experience led by its content and its design.


Activity and Sustainable Development Report