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With the rising demand from growers for greater sustainability, the interest in microbial-based products in agriculture for plant protection and plant nutrition is growing.

The commercial use of microbial inoculants, also known as biofertilizers, started in the late 1890s with the introduction of nitrogen-fixing products.

With the advancement of our understanding of the role of microbes and the development of new technologies, increasingly sophisticated products are now available to growers.

These microbial products play a crucial role in unlocking the plants' potential by optimizing the plant-soil relationship. Growers can expect an increase in crop yield while also reducing the reliance on agrochemicals.

Developing a successful commercial biocontrol product from a promising microbial strain remains a substantial challenge, and success rates are currently relatively low.

While the first step towards the development of an effective microbial inoculant remains the identification of strains that can deliver valuable gains, optimal formulation is equally important.

Formulations need to be stable, cost-effective, high quality, and easy-to-apply, and deliver consistent and marked improvement in the field.

Roquette has developed a range of plant-derived products that can be used to formulate and manufacture stable biological formulations.

Collaboration with external partners and experts supports the ongoing refinement of these products to meet specific applications and the requirements of defined processing routes. They allow customers to substitute mineral and synthetic ingredients with plant-based alternatives to deliver effective bioformulated inoculants.

In this article, we consider requirements for formulation and present experimental data illustrating the potential of Roquette ingredients, using the formulation of a product made by fluidized bed drying as an example.

Plant-based products from Roquette can directly answer formulators’ need for high-performance ingredients with a low environmental impact.

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