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Harnessing Plant Growth From the Start

Seed treatments are essential in modern agriculture, providing optimal conditions for germination, emergence, and early plant growth. As the demand for eco-friendly produce grows, seed treatment technologies are evolving, driven by global initiatives and regulations.

At Roquette, we harness the power of plant-derived ingredients to offer a range of seed treatment co-formulants sourced from natural origins. Our formulations enhance seed performance by improving germination, seedling vigor, and protection against early-season insects and diseases.

Our plant-based solutions include:

  • biodegradable binders,
  • film-forming agents,
  • coatings,
  • bulking agents,
  • and plasticizers,

available in both liquid and powder forms. 

In a recent study assessing Roquette products, seeds treated with Roquette formulations exhibited higher germination rates and better coverage than those treated with a reference formulation. These results highlight the potential of Roquette's plant-based seed treatments to deliver superior results while contributing to a more sustainable future for agriculture.

Download our fact sheet to discover the science behind Roquette's innovative seed treatment solutions and learn how they can improve germination, minimize dusting and abrasion, and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional seed treatments.