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Protecting crops from seed to harvest with biocontrol products is challenging. Roquette Plant Care offers cost-effective and sustainable solutions using plant-derived products. Their formulations aid in the development of stable biocontrol products from microbial strains, safeguarding crops throughout the cycle.

Our solutions for sustainable and effective biocontrol product formulations

With the rising demand from growers for greater sustainability, microbial-based products bring a solid alternative to conventional products in agriculture for plant protection. 

Developing a successful commercial biocontrol product from a promising microbial strain remains a substantial challenge.  

Growers need stable, cost-effective, high-quality, easy-to-apply formulations that deliver consistent and marked improvement in the field. 

A dedicated range of solutions for crop protection. 

Roquette Plant Care has developed a range of plant-derived products that can be used to formulate and manufacture stable biocontrol products. 

In the development and manufacture of stabilized microbial formulations, Roquette products can act as the following: 

  • High-performance, biodegradable, readily soluble drying supports. 
  • Water absorbent fillers that promote granule disintegration. 
  • Binders, flow and extrusion aids, and compression agents to improve the efficiency of wet and dry granulation processes. 
  • Stable fillers/bulk excipients with excellent biocompatibility. 
  • Cryoprotectants for use in freeze drying applications. 
  • Functional ingredients for the reduction of water activity.

Download our fact sheet to discover the potential of Roquette Plant Care solutions and their measurable impact on your crop protection needs!


Protecting crops from seed to harvest Protecting crops from seed to harvest
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