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Roquette NUTRALYS® plant-based proteins: Trusted, Competitive, Unique!

Take advantage of premium protein ingredients with NUTRALYS® vegetable proteins – thanks to Roquette, leader in novel plant proteins.
Roquette vegetable proteins: built on a product differentiation strategy that suits both your development needs and consumers’ preoccupations.

A range of vegetable proteins, produced from peas or wheat

Roquette vegetable proteins: innovative family of proteins, NUTRALYS® vegetable proteins are the right solution for everyone to meet your development needs:

  • Innovation.
  • Easy-to-use, effective & value-added solutions.
  • Cost-in-use optimisation.
  • Clean-label, allergen-free, GMO-free, lactose-free.

Be innovative with our pea protein NUTRALYS®

Nutralys Pea protein

Functional benefits

NUTRALYS® F grades: pea protein isolate - 83% protein DS

  • Emulsifying and gelling properties
  • Water and fat-retention capacity
  • Available in several particle sizes to meet Food and Nutrition application needs

NUTRALYS® S grades: pea protein isolate - 83% protein DS

  • Improved solubility 
  • Emulsifying and gelling properties
  • Water and fat-retention capacity
  • Available in several particle sizes to meet Food and Nutrition application needs

NUTRALYS® S85XF pea protein isolate - 83% protein DS

  • Optimized sensory profile with a smooth texture in drinks, shakes or gels for Specialized Nutrition (clinical, sport & weight management nutrition)

NUTRALYS® S85PLUS pea protein isolate* - 83% protein DS

  • High solubility
  • Low viscosity
  • Allows higher incorporation rate of various protein-enriched products from beverages to protein bars as well as cookies
  • Cleaner taste than other pea protein
  • Makes flavor more enticing in high-protein products

NUTRALYS® B85XF pea protein isolate - 83% protein DS

  • Fits with high protein content and technology requirements in baking applications
  • Low emulsifying & gelling properties, ideal for baked goods.
  • Enhances texture in protein-enriched baked goods
  • Easy-to-dry mix delivers excellent bread quality with good volume, crumb softness and a clean taste

NUTRALYS® T70S textured pea protein - 70% protein DS *

  • A meat substitute with ground meat-like texture in coarse pieces
  • Versatile ingredient, ideal for total meat substitution, can mimic various types of meats i.e. beef (esp. burger), poultry (esp. nuggets), pork (esp. sausage) and fish (esp. fish spread)
  • After rehydration it exhibits an outstanding meat-like texture, so called meat analogue strips
  • Remarkable fibrous and firm texture required for plant-based eating pleasure (appearance, bite)
  • Best-in-class taste: it allows flexible dosage and inspiring flavours
  • Natural ingredient
  • Multiple peace of mind attributes: Gluten-free, non-GM and Vegan/Vegetarian compatible

NUTRALYS® T65M textured pea protein - 65% protein DS*

  • A meat extender with ground meat-like texture in fine pieces
  • Ideal for partial meat substitution in minced meat products (burgers, balls, bolognese) and for vegetarian & vegan versions of meat balls and bolognese 
  • Better in taste alternative to conventional soy- and gluten-based textured protein
  • Neutral taste profile, lean fibrous ingredient and high water holding capacity
  • Natural ingredient
  • Multiple peace of mind attributes: Gluten-free, non-GM and Vegan/Vegetarian compatible

* Please fill in the contact form on the right to check if the product is commercialized in your area.

Nutritional and enviromental benefits


  • Full traceability of pea sourcing
  • Environmentally-friendly crop
  • GMO-free
  • Pea is not a major allergen, and is gluten- and lactose-free

Pea protein

  • High protein content
  • Excellent digestibility (98%)
  • Balanced amino acids profile (Arginine & BCAA boost)
  • High PDCAAS of 0.93 (adults); complementary to wheat & other cereals proteins, reaching an AAS of 100
  • Alternative to milk and soy proteins
  • Kosher & Halal certified
  • Low levels of anti-nutritional factors
  • Clean and patented water based process
  • Fully traced source

NUTRALYS®: the affordable wheat protein

Nutralys Wheat protein

Key functional benefits

NUTRALYS® WHEAT W: hydrolysed wheat gluten 88% protein DS
  • Excellent dispersibility
  • Slight cereal taste
NUTRALYS® WHEAT WF: hydrolysed wheat gluten 89% protein DS
  • High suspensibility
  • Slight cereal taste

Key nutritional and environmental benefits

  • High-protein content, over 88% protein (DS)
  • Soluble protein ingredient
  • PDCAAS of 0.32 (adults)
  • High digestibility (97%)
  • Good synergies with pea & leguminous proteins in amino-acid composition
  • Source of beneficial amino acids (methionine + cystine and glutamic acid)
  • Cereal origin
  • Ideal for cereal products
  • Fully-traced source
  • Short supply chain
  • GMO-Free
  • Renewable source
  • Clean process


NUTRALYS® proteins are a comprehensive range of plant-based proteins offering trusted, competitive and unique solutions for:

  • Food covering standard nutritional needs : baking and cereal products, savoury goods, confectionery, dairy products and desserts, “free-from” and vegetarian foods, fermentation products and pet foods.
  • Nutritional supplements for specialised diets: sports, senior, and weight management & clinical nutrition

Innovation: new plant-based protein solutions

Since the 70’s, Roquette has innovated intensively in protein technology and applications to meet market expectations for trusted, environmentally-friendly and affordable protein solutions.

That’s why we are able to offer you a large range of plant proteins produced from various renewable raw materials:

  • Corn (SOLULYS®)
  • Potato (TUBERMINE®)
  • Wheat (NUTRALYS®, VITEN®)

These ingredients allow you to formulate high-quality products in a range of applications: food, pet food, feed and fermentation industries.

In addition to this well-established experience, Roquette has invested heavily in the development of new protein specialties. For example, we recently launched new protein solutions dedicated to food and nutrition, such as NUTRALYS® PEA BF, dedicated to protein-enriched baked goods.


  • Ingredient of the month - Nutrafiles - March 2010
  • Global pea protein Product Differentiation Excellence award - Best practices awards 2010 
  • Intermediate Food Products Award - Nomination at CFIA (Agribusiness Suppliers Forum) Innovation Awards 2011
  • Best new health food or health food and beverage ingredient- Gulfood Awards 2011
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