COREX® 200 - Corn gluten feed

Digestible fibre | Energy | Protein | Ruminant and monogastric

COREX® 200 corn gluten feed is a good source of digestible fiber, energy and protein for feed for ruminants and monogastrics.


COREX® 200 comes from the wet milling process of maize starch production. It is a mix of the maize fibre, possibly maize screenings, and the corn steep liquor.

There are 3 grades of product: COREX® 200 powder, COREX® 200 pellet and COREX® 200 MASH.

COREX® MASH is the grade prefered for coarse mix formulations, due to the lower fines content.

Product description


Combination of corn steep (soluble maize protein) and maize fibre that might contain maize germ cake and maize grits.

COREX® 200 is often called Corn Feed or Corn Gluten Feed.


The product is dried in meal or pelleted form.

Typical average values (of product as is) in percentage:

Moisture: 12
Total protein: 18.5
Ash: 6
Total fat: 3.5
Starch: 15-20
Cellulose: 8
NDF: 34
ADF: 9

* These values are provided for information purposes and cannot be considered as contractual.


Poultry feed

COREX® 200 is an ingredient suitable for the formulation of compound feed for layers ducks and reproductive poultry.

It can be incorporated in poultry rations at levels of 5 to 15% especially when moderate energy formulas or a source of bulk for good intestinal transit are required.

Ruminant feed

COREX® 200 is used as a raw material in pelleted compound feed for ruminants as well as in mash type raw materials mixes.

Its energy profile is particularly suited for bovines due to its moderate starch content and a good content of digestible fibers. This allows incorporation of up to 50% of feed with no risk of acidosis.
COREX® 200 protein content is readily degradable in the rumen and is therefore a good fermentation stimulant.

Furthermore this raw material is rich in phosphorus making it a feed of choice for highly productive dairy cows.


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