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Datasheet: Tubermine for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

TUBERMINE® FV is a potato protein isolate used as a growth promotor and nitrogen source in numerous industrial applications, including the production of microbial biostimulants and plant nutrition formulations.

TUBERMINE® FV is an ideal solution for any application requiring diverse bioactivity, soluble peptides and a well-balanced amino acid profile. Soil microbes (bacteria and fungi) will perform exceptionally well on TUBERMINE® FV. 

For plant nutrition, internal testing has highlighted the positive effect on plant growth, emulsifying properties in formulations and benefits of slow release organic nitrogen. The major advantages of this TUBERMINE® FV include 100% vegetable-based, high protein content and a balanced amino acid profile. 

Main advantages of our TUBERMINE® FV a potato protein in the plant care industry

  • 100% bio-based product: Vegetable product rich in growth factors.
  • High protein content: 80% of product as nutrient rich protein.
  • Balanced nutrition: Diverse amino acid profile for plant and soil microbiota.
  • Quality and safety: Consistent, allergen-free, non-GMO product.

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