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Datasheet: Glycolys for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

GLYCOLYS® (sodium starch glycolate) is used as a disintegrant and dissolution aid in pharmaceutical, food, and agricultural applications. GLYCOLYS® facilitates rapid, high water absorption, resulting in considerable particle expansion. This swelling causes fast disintegration of tablets and granules to enhance bio-availability. GLYCOLYS® is not sensitive to lubricants or compression force, has low hygroscopicity and can be sourced reliably worldwide. Sodium starch glycolate has been used as a disintegrant in commercial applications for more than 30 years.

The major advantage is the natural-origin, vegetable derived cellulose that is safe for agricultural applications. Additionally, consistent predictable delivery of actives is a key advantage when using GLYCOLYS ® in formulations.

Main advantages of our GLYCOLYS® (sodium starch glycolate) in the plant care industry

  • Environmentally friendly GLYCOLYS® is a natural, vegetable derived product.
  • Inert and chemically stable: GLYCOLYS® is a non labile formulant for stable delivery of active ingredients.
  • Disintegration: GLYCOLYS® greatly enhances the disintegration properties of tablets/granules/pellets.
  • Granulometry: GLYCOLYS® granulometry is highly reproducible.

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