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Podcast Beauté Talks - Neurobiology of Touch

Beauté Talks: Nature Makes Sense,
a podcast by Roquette Beauté

Embark on a sensory journey with us as we dive into Beauté Talks, a Roquette Beauté podcast, that aims to inspire and collectively redefine the future of cosmetics.

Hosted by Ophélie Bourgon, Marketing Manager at Roquette Beauté, this four-episode series will explore the fascinating intersection between nature, emotions, and the innovative world of cosmetic textures.

Emotions have become an essential aspect of new skincare approaches, with active fragrances and emotional actives playing a significant role. However, not much has been said about textures. While bio-based functionals have truly enabled the sustainable transition, what if they could also actualize the emotional revolution?

Integrating neurosciences, sustainable innovation and holistic care, this new edition of the Beauté Talks Podcasts invites you to rethink the questions of touch, textures and emotions. 

Episode 1: From Skin to Brain: Neurobiology of Touch

In this first episode of our new podcast series, we are joined by Marcel Crest, former Research Director at French CNRS, who is an expert in the communication pathways between the skin and the brain. Marcel will discuss the multiple senses behind the term "touch" and how they involve specific sensory systems. He will also share insights on how this research can contribute to the design of cosmetic textures.

Throughout this in-depth conversation with Marcel Crest, we will explore various topics, including:

  • The neurobiological understanding of touch and its implications on cosmetics.
  • Recent findings in the field of touch research and their potential applications in the cosmetic industry.

The role of specific sensorial vectors of pleasure in the tactile experience and their impact on skincare products.

Join us for this exciting conversation with Marcel Crest and explore new avenues for innovation in textures and their modulation. Learn how understanding the neurobiology of touch can lead to the creation of innovative skincare products that cater to the emotional needs of consumers.

Stay tuned as we unveil our next episodes, where we'll explore new avenues for innovation, challenge conventional thinking, and unlock the full potential of plant-based ingredients to transform the skincare experience.