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with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber


Elevate your daily fiber intake with our "Fortified gummies with fiber"

Thanks to our NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber,enjoy delicious, high in fiber and sugar reduced fortified supplement.

Key ingredient facts: NUTRIOSE® FM 10 Soluble Fiber

Monitor the sugar content of your sweet confectioneries thanks to a highly tolerated ingredient.

  • Soluble fiber from non-GMO corn
  • High fiber
  • Friendly-labeling
  • Neutral taste
  • Gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified

Key benefits for fortified gummies with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber

  • Nutritional: Outstanding digestive tolerance, Bulking agent to partially substitute sugars
  • Functional: Easy-to-use: good solubility and dispersibility, stable in processing, preserved texture over time.
  • Sensory: Neutral taste profile

Upgrade your wellness routine today!