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A person adds a sachet of powder to a glass of water

with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber


Elevate your daily fiber intake: now easier than ever thanks to our NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber.

Key ingredients facts: NUTRIOSE® Soluble Fiber

Reach easily your nutritional goals thanks to the only sugars-free fiber with proven health benefits

  • Soluble dietary fiber from corn or wheat
  • Clinically-proven benefits on digestive health and blood glucose management
  • Outstanding digestive tolerance (up to 45g/day)
  • Easy-to-use everyday
  • Sugars-free
  • Non-GMO, kosher and halal certified

Key benefits for on-the-go fiber with NUTRIOSE® 06 soluble fiber

Nutritional: Clinically-proven benefits on:

  • Digestive health - 1 dose per day of powder mix drink deliver more than 8g. NUTRIOSE® 06, the amount with clinicallyproven benefits on digestive health.
  • Blood glucose management - supported by 6 clinical studies.
  • Low glycemic response (GR:25)


  • Easy-to-use
  • Excellent process stability (temperature/pH change)


  • Neutral taste
  • Pleasant texture

Transform your daily routine, add a few grams of powder for optimal fiber consumption.