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Roquette Opens a Plant Protein Center of Expertise in Vic-sur-Aisne, France
This R&D accelerator fuels Roquette’s strategy for a new plant-based gastronomy, addressing current and future consumers’ expectations.
NotCo Wins the Roquette Innovation Challenge at the Future Food-Tech Summit
Roquette and the Chilean start-up will collaborate to accelerate the development of innovative plant-based solutions offering new gastronomic experiences to consumers.
Roquette Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in China
This celebration marks two successful decades of investment, growth and commitment to offer the best of nature to Chinese customers and consumers.
Delpharm Evreux, in collaboration with Roquette, has developed a  new softgel capsule with plant-based shell.
This new vegetarian softgel capsule is based on Roquette’s LYCAGEL™ pea starch softgel technology.