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 Roquette launches a new NUTRALYS® organic range  of texturized pea and fava proteins
Roquette announced today the launch of its new NUTRALYS® range of organic textured proteins from pea and fava for European markets.
€25 million Investment for Polyols at Lestrem site, France
Roquette invests €25 million at its site in Lestrem, France, to strengthen its unique position in the polyols market.
Roquette in Canada named one of Manitoba’s Top Employers
Hat Trick for Roquette in Canada as they score Manitoba’s Top Employer Award for the third consecutive year
Cell therapy acceleration strategy - OPTI-STEM project
"Biotherapies and Bioproduction of Innovative Therapies" acceleration strategy: the R&D consortium led by Cell-Easy obtained public funding. Read more...
Roquette study confirms the excellent nutritional quality  of its pea protein
The study follows the FAO recommended DIAAS methodology and shows outstanding results.