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Opening Roquette new Customer Experience Center Singapore

Part of its Asia Pacific Innovation Center, this new dedicated facility allows customers to experience Roquette offerings through Asian culinary and sensory experiences, from early innovation to the final plate.

La Madeleine, France – July 20, 2023. Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients, celebrates today the opening of its new Customer Experience Center in Singapore. This new facility aims at further advancing Roquette’s leadership as a strategic partner to its customers for more exciting food innovations that suit the Asian palate. In addition, the brand-new center is a testament to Roquette’s rich 90-year history of excellence and strong commitment towards serving its customers. Composed of a culinary studio and a sensory hub, it is a demonstration of Roquette’s capabilities in elevating everyday food experience and value through science and innovation.

According to a 2021 study of PwC, Rabobank and Temasek, Asia is now the largest food consumer market, with an additional S$5.9 trillion (US$4.4 trillion) in spending expected by 2030 - considering that 55% of this increase will be directly driven by consumer choices. Furthermore, the pandemic has changed the consumers' habits, especially in what and where they eat. Since then, eating healthier and using sustainable ingredients have become more prominent in Asia. The new Roquette facility will have a pivotal role in building a stronger Asian food story in the development of delicious, innovative and sustainable food experiences.

A state-of-the-art facility focusing on Asian cuisine

The Customer Experience Center is designed as an area of collaboration with food companies for greater food innovation. The culinary studio allows for various Asian cooking methods thanks to its multi-purpose capabilities that can effectively showcase the different possibilities of Roquette ingredients in Asian cooking styles which appeal to today’s sophisticated consumers of this region.

By imagining and designing the future of food, it welcomes a sensory hub where panelists can evaluate the functionality, taste, aroma, and visual appearance of a variety of Asian dishes using Roquette ingredients. The findings of which will support the development of new and unique solutions to suit the Asian taste buds.

For Rohit Markan, CEO of Roquette Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., “The inauguration of this Customer Experience Center is close on the heels of the Food Innovation Center opening in France, and the third new facility to be inaugurated in 2023 by Roquette. It is another proof point of Roquette’s commitment towards innovation and our deep understanding of building the right capabilities to serve the markets, while tailoring our offer to consumers' eating habits. Moreover, as part of a global network of Roquette expertise, this new center lives up to our proven track record of bringing plant-based innovations to the food and nutrition sectors.”

Asia’s diverse countries and culture, cuisine choices, dietary preferences and varying maturity of food production systems has made Singapore, the location of Roquette’s regional headquarters, ideal as a regional food innovation hub where like-minded companies develop future-ready and sustainable food solutions beyond its shores. The inauguration of the Customer Experience Center was graced by Damian Chan, Executive Vice President of the Singapore Economic Development board, and was attended by a large number of Roquette customers.

“Roquette’s decision to establish its new Customer Experience Center here will leverage Singapore’s status as a food innovation hub to serve the diverse cultures across Asia. This dedicated space will support partners, including Singapore companies, in the growth of their novel food technologies including alternative protein, by enabling the co-creation and advancement of products that are tailored to the preferences of consumers in this region. We look forward to see more nutritious and sustainable food solutions that will augment our growing local agrifood ecosystem,” Mr. Chan sums up.

With 90 years of plant-based innovation under its belt, Roquette has the expertise to reimagine food concepts that meet the unique and essential needs of various consumer lifestyles. “The expertise we have accumulated gives us considerable advantages in the food and nutrition sectors. Singapore offers a vibrant ecosystem for food innovation to flourish and to develop new solutions for a more sustainable food system in the region” says Mr. Markan.