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Roquette at FI Europe CONNECT 2020 - 23 November - 4 December
Roquette invites the Food manufacturers to take a holistic approach to Health and Well-Being, topics that resonate more than ever in our current lifestyles. Let’s deep dive into the strategies to achieve healthy indulgence, energy management, sugar-reduction and fiber enrichment, with plant-based solutions.
Healthy Indulgence
NOV. 19 @ 4:00 PM CET
"How to improve your Nutri-score while staying indulgent"                                                  
Learn how to tackle nutritional improvement while preserving indulgence in your formulations, without misleading about Nutri-score and EU regulatory context.

Sandrine BOUVIER, Food Area Market Manager
Marie DENIEL-RODRIGUEZ, Regulatory Affairs
Clémentine THABUIS, Nutrition & Health Research Manager, Fibers
Moderator: Eva Esparza


Energy Management
NOV. 24 @ 11:30 AM CET

"Choose the right carbohydrates to bring energy management beyond sport nutrition"
Active people are constantly looking for foods that provide them with the energy they need. Discover how carbohydrates behave and how to make the right choice!

SpeakerEva Esparza
Eva Esparza, Food Area Market Manager


Partner with us
NOV. 23 - DEC. 4
Let's meet
"Available experts from sales, application lab, and R&D for you to meet all along the event"
After your registration, schedule an appointment to online discuss how we can help you reformulate your brand or develop an alternative offering with healthier lines.

Team RoquetteRoquette Logo
Sales, Global and Europe Account Managers
Application Lab, Scientists and Technicians
R&D, Nutrition and Health Research Managers


What about Sugar reduction and Fiber enrichment? Attend the sponsored session on NOV. 24 @ 2:30 PM CET

Little girl eating tomato sauce

Roquette sponsors the session: ”Developing products that appeal to consumers, while reducing calories and increasing dietary fibre”.
Speaker: Campden BRI company.

One of the main reformulation strategies currently is to replace higher calorie macronutrients. The incorporation of dietary fibre into products can be difficult, as its functionality can modify both the finished product and the behaviour of the product during manufacturing. This presentation focuses on a case study on how different dietary fibres can be utilised to decrease the calorie-density of a pizza base, tomato sauce and meatballs.

Market Experts Interviews: Get more insights on Health & Well-being
Get valuable insights from our market experts to be ahead of the New Product Development race!

Why opting for a holistic approach to healthy plant-based products?
Plant-based meat alternatives may be grabbing attention and shelf-space, but the potential to tap plants for healthy ingredients is far greater than protein alone. Roquette's plant-based portfolio includes ingredients for energy management, sugar-reduction, fibre enrichment and – of course – plant-derived proteins that can replace animal proteins or give an additional nutritional boost to a range of applications. Roquette takes a holistic approach with its customers too, by not only being a supplier but a real partner in NPD formulations. 
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Voiry Benjamin  Benjamin Voiry, Head of Marketing for Europe and Asia at Roquette

Beyond sports nutrition, how to bring energy management to the masses?
Roquette brings energy management to the masses. Energy management ingredients are moving into the mainstream. As active people of all ages look to foods and beverages that will keep them going all day and boost their mental alertness.
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Why product formulation must target different energy needs?
Food manufacturers need to think about consumer requirements when formulating products with energy claims. In the article, you will learn about the science behind energy source coming from carbs and identify the right ingredients for specific targeted products.
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Eva EsparzaEva Esparza, Area Market Manager for Europe at Roquette

Roquette at FI Europe CONNECT 2020

Roquette invite the Food manufacturers to take a holistic approach to Health and Well-Being.

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