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Roquette BioIndustry stand at RAFT 2023

A few weeks ago, Roquette attended the most significant event in industrial fermentation.

The RAFT® (Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology) event, held in Naples (Florida) from October 29 to November 1, is the place to be for all fermentation business actors.

With 35 exhibitors and almost 300 visitors, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest advancements in white biotechnology. 

Roquette BioIndustry was there, presenting our expertise in industrial fermentation.

This innovative process of fermentation involves cultivating living cells to produce:

  • biomass, such as yeast and probiotics,
  • biomolecules of interest, such as enzymes, antibiotics, and amino acids.

With biological processes comes the constant challenge of nourishing microorganisms for optimal production yields. This is where Roquette comes in, with a technology that helps to optimize production yields, ensuring that the fermentation process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Check out our solutions in this video and let's shape the future of biotechnology together!

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