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Meet Roquette teams at these events
  • Find out how you can rethink pharmaceutical workflows with precision dispensing technology or produce vegetarian softgels thanks to our new LYCAGEL®.
    Qingdao, China
  • Roquette Beauté to introduce our latest innovative plant-based solutions for your cosmetics formulations.
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Roquette Beauté to introduce innovative plant-based ingredients and show how to use them in cosmetic formulations.
    Paris, France
  • Join us to discover the potential of our plant-based solutions for endless food creativity.
    Paris, France
  • Roquette and Danimer experts to present on "Bio-based polyurethanes meeting the need for sustainability & performance".
  • Discover how Roquette BioPharma brings new solutions for biotherapeutics.
    Sheraton towers, Singapore
  • Our Roquette Beauté experts will be happy to present our latest innovations and discuss your needs.
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • The Pharma team will be very happy to welcome you to our stand 80C90 in the Excipient GOLD area.
    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Our Roquette Beauté experts will be happy to meet you at Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients 2022 to present our latest innovations and discuss your needs.
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Roquette expert to make a presentation "Isosorbide: a biobased monomer with multiple applications."
    Lille, France
  • Visit us to find the right excipients for your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations.
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Roquette expert to deliver a presentation on: Co-processed HPMC–mannitol: A directly compressible excipient for controlled release.
    Boston, MA, USA
  • Come to our booth and meet our food experts to discover our latest innovations of sustainable plant-based proteins and starches.
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Speak to our Roquette experts at booth M32 to find out more about our plant-based ingredients!
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Discover innovative, tasty, and nutritious food concepts, created by our food application experts!
    Bengaluru, India
  • Roquette Team to present our solutions for biotherapeutics and to make a scientific presentation on "Making Polysorbates Free in Biologics: It's Possible".
    Mumbai, India
  • Roquette Food Team to help bringing positive messaging of sugar reduced products to consumers.
    Xiamen, China
  • Roquette expert to share the intricacies of the fiber and prebiotic markets, strategies for gut health through nutrition, and innovative food concepts addressing this need.
  • Roquette experts are very happy to welcome you to our booth to let you discover our plant-based solutions and discuss your needs.
    Seoul Coex, Korea
  • Meet our Food team to experience Roquette’s latest innovations in plant-based ingredients.
    Chicago, USA
  • Roquette expert to deliver a presentation "LYCAGEL®: Soft Capsule Performance/ Stability vs Gelatin”.
    Berlin, Germany
  • Roquette expert will present on “POLYSORB®- a versatile monomer for improving thermoplastics polyesters properties”.
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Come meet our pharma team and find out more about our high-quality pharmaceutical solutions.
    Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil