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Mum and daughter enjoying plant-based ice cream


Webinar | Thursday, June 9 12PM – 1PM (NZST)

Non-dairy ice cream is continuing to grow as a sub-category of ice cream & frozen desserts globally and in Asia Pacific, the non-dairy ice cream product launches saw a 17% growth from 2016 to 2021.

Consumers are turning toward healthy and nutritious options with increasing mainstream appeal of non-dairy being reflected in the wide range of formats beyond tubs, including sticks, cones, and mochi.

We are seeing dairy being replaced with a diverse range of alternative sources, including popular varieties such as coconut, soy, almond, as well as emerging sources like oat and pea. In this webinar, we share why NUTRALYS® plant protein and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber make a difference to your plant-based ice cream.

Key learnings of the webinar "Innovative plant-based ice cream"

  • Get to know latest market trends in non-dairy ice cream product development.
  • Roquette portfolio of NUTRALYS® plant protein and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber for ice cream and other dairy alternatives.
  • Create satisfying, delicious plant-based ice cream that is healthier for people and better for the planet!
  • Discover how you can optimize your recipes with our high-quality ingredients and make appealing frozen sweet and vegan concepts.


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Eliza TsunEliza Tsun, Sales Manager Greater Asia at Roquette

Eliza Tsun is the regional sales manager at Roquette which provides better nutrition and strives to be healthier for the planet. She is responsible for the development of Roquette sales, the business management strategy, and navigating the way forward for pea protein in the Asia Pacific region, ensuring relevance to customers and consumers. Eliza is passionate about plant based protein – it’s is a better way to feed ourselves tomorrow!
Eliza has over 25 years of experience in the food & beverage industry, covering functional and commodity food ingredient commercial sales and product management in Australia and New Zealand.  She has a Bachelor of Technology (majoring in Product Development) from Massey University, New Zealand, and a Graduate Diploma of Marketing Management from Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand.

Ito GoichiIto Goichi, Japan Team Leader of Customer Technical Service at Roquette

With more than 13 years of scientist experience in the food industry, Goichi ITO is passionate about food science and have launched numerous savory, baking, specialized nutrition products to the market. He holds a Master degree of molecular bio science from NARA Institute of Science and Technology. Based in Tokyo, he leads the Japan customer technical service team at Roquette which focuses on developing sustainable plant-based food solutions to support our customers innovation and empower healthier lifestyles.