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Roquette at DDF Summit 2022

Drug Delivery and Formulation

Berlin, Germany

AMOUSSOU-GUENOU SteveSteve Amoussou-Guenou, Global Pharma Technical Developer at Roquette, will be very happy to deliver a presentation during the Solutions Spotlights - Biologics slot:

  • “LYCAGEL® : Soft Capsule Performance / Stability vs Gelatin” - 27 June, day 1 - 1:55 PM to 2:25 PM.

LYCAGEL® is a recent pea starch technology for the production of veggie soft capsule, using the most common rotary die encapsulation process. This solution offers a non-gelatin alternative to softgel manufacturers.

This presentation will discuss stability performance of Lycagel® in comparison with gelatin, as materials for soft capsule shells:

  • Impact of storage conditions on capsule physical attributes.
  • Case study: capsule fill stability function of shell materials.
  • Influence of packaging system on capsule characteristics.


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