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Roquette is sponsor of this 11th edition.
Lille, France

A global leader in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets and a pioneer in new vegetal proteins, Roquette has developed a comprehensive range of plant-based protein ingredients isolated from the yellow pea.

The result is a trusted, clean-taste and nutritious, high quality protein, commercially available under the brand name NUTRALYS®.

Always looking for ways to better adapt its offer to a booming plant-based food market, the company will be highlighting its latest specialty ingredients:

  • NUTRALYS® S85 Plus, specifically intended for protein-rich food and beverages that naturally meet the specific needs of sports, seniors or diet nutrition.
  • NUTRALYS® T65M and NUTRALYS® T70S, both premium alternative solutions to soy and wheat-based ones in the meat substitute market. 
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