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Maternal and baby nutrition

Offering the best to moms…

The nutritional status of women when becoming and while pregnant can have significant influence on both fetal, infant and maternal health outcomes. Pregnancy and lactation are times of heightened nutritional vulnerability for women. 

More energy

Women who are pregnant also need to stay active. High-quality carbohydrates such as GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins* and clean and safe plant proteins such as NUTRALYS® proteins help women enjoy a healthy and active pregnancy lifestyle every day. 

More fiber

Improving fiber intake can also a play a key role in the healthy and active lifestyle today’s pregnant women are looking for. NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber makes it easy to meet a daily fiber target, thanks to its being a sugar-free ingredient – the only one of its kind! It also exhibits excellent tolerance and is easy to use. Among NUTRIOSE®‘s many nutritional upgrade benefits is blood glucose management. Because it is sugar-free and exhibits a clinically-proven low glycemic response, NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber is the natural answer.

* Standard GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins are not intended and not suitable for dry mix infant formula preparation.

Offering the best to our babies…

Breast-milk is naturally the best food for infants. However, when optimal breastfeeding is not possible, infant formula – the only breast-milk substitute recognized by the WHO – plays a vital role in providing essential nutrients to infants.

The special needs of babies: energy and hydration

A formulation should contain the optimum nutrient composition to meet the special needs of babies. Energy is one of the key nutrients in infant formula. The GLUCIDEX® Premium range of maltodextrins provides safe and high tolerance energy. It is specially manufactured and monitored to meet the very high food-safety levels required by this sensitive food application. 

GLUCIDEX® Premium is 100% glucose-based energy and doesn’t cause any colic fermentation. It has been shown that partial replacement of lactose with maltodextrins leads to the reduction of digestive discomfort in infants. GLUCIDEX® Premium maltodextrins also offers a full range of DE to allow fine-tuning of product osmolarity. The latter ensures efficient hydration.

Scientific publications on NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber benefits

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